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We work one-on-one with you to identify solutions that work best with the needs of your company, saving you time and money so you can focus resources on growing your business.

Payroll + Tax/ACA Filing Services

Making sure payments are made accurately and on time.

Our online, cloud-based payroll, tax, and ACA optimization services allow you to input, manage, and review payroll information 24-hours a day from any location. Check that your payroll is accurate before disbursement with instant access to over 300 reports while our software ensures that your local, state, and federal tax filings are all properly completed online for quarterly and annual returns. ePay’s system is fully ACA compliant, ensuring that all records are automatically updated for annual filings. No matter if you have a 5 or 5,000-person workforce, we can help you to configure this simple, efficient, and accurate paperless payroll solution, all delivered through a securely encrypted online system.

Human Resource Management
Human Resource

Helping you successfully navigate complex labor regulations.

ePay’s online system for human capital management covers all aspects of the HR discipline, from onboarding, performance reviews, background checks to employee handbooks and compliance audits. We work with you to configure this powerful software and provide an easy-to-use dashboard where you can track employee data, review any upcoming certificate and license expirations, or produce real-time reports to make informed employment decisions. Our solutions make life events and employee status changes a breeze, ensuring that updates are in compliance with healthcare, overtime, and sick leave laws. All this data can be utilized to save you time and resources.

Have an HR-related question? Ask our HR Professionals!

Our HR Professionals will help you overcome your HR challenges! Our services will give you peace of mind in knowing that your business is complying with federal and state employment-related laws. Our services include HR consulting for basic HR-related questions, HR audits, I-9 audits, employee handbook preparation, and more! Click here to see our full list of services.

Time Management

Time Management

Ensuring you don’t waste time managing time sheets.

ePay offers integrated employee time and attendance solutions that can be configured for companies of any size. Our intuitive, user-friendly dashboard allows you to track and monitor overtime, rounding, meals, breaks, vacation, sick leave, and much more. Error monitoring and attendance alerts are based around your specific time policies while the system is seamlessly integrated into your payroll and benefits management database. Our time and scheduling system helps you manage and track employees through detailed attendance reports so that you can reduce administrative costs and ensure accuracy without wasting a second.

Time Management

Benefits Administration

Ensuring that your most valuable assets are properly insured.

ePay offers integrated employee time and attendance. Our HCM technology gives you control from hiring through retiring in one single database. Your core HR functionality and benefits administration are accessible anywhere, anytime in a completely secure environment. This includes applicant tracking, benefits enrollment, life events, status changes, and more! Our ACA compliant system efficiently communicates life events to your carrier, ensuring timely delivery of benefits. Your benefit admins can easily monitor benefits, reports, and disbursements while employees will be given the resources and education needed to understand and manage their individual options using Employee Self Service.

Workers Compensation

Looking out for your workforce when things go wrong.

Workers comp shouldn’t create unnecessary stress or tension. Our “ePay As You Go” solution spreads your workers comp payments throughout the year and ensures that employees are classified appropriately. This solution lessens the financial impact of these payments and avoids unexpected surprises from your annual audit. Integration with payroll services guarantees that workers comp is based on accurate wage information so you can maintain cash flow while managing unforeseen circumstances.

401(K) Retirement Services
401(k) Retirement

Saving for the future shouldn’t take a lot of resources.

Our strategic partners will work with you to select investment options that fit your company’s needs and reduce your fiduciary liability. This experienced team will discuss your goals and options to help you make the best decisions for your company and employees’ future. No matter the size of your company, retirement plan management is important to all businesses. We even provide educational tools to your employees so they can take charge and understand the details of their own 401(k) investment. Let the ePay network help you manage your 401(k) options and reduce administrative hassles so you can focus on other long-term targets.

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